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Sita Fire Services 2014, and we have became one of the prominent dealers of Fire Extinguisher and Safety equipments. Sita Fire Services in Delhi is one of the leading businesses in the Security Alarm System Dealers. Also known for Fire Extinguisher Dealers, Fire Extinguisher Refilling Services, Fire Safety Equipment Dealers, Safety Equipment Dealers, Fire Fighting Contractors, Fire Fighting Training, Fire Alarm System Dealers, Smoke Detector Dealers and much more. Protection Services When it comes to fire safety ignorance can lead to disaster, fire accidents can happen anywhere risking lives of people working/living there, so it should be taken quite seriously, we offer you excellent fire protection services and reliable fire safety equipments to enhance and optimize your fire safety. We have been in the field of fire safety services for a long time and know exactly how to provide excellent fire protection services, with the strong amount of our industrial knowledge and experience we execute the work with expertise and accuracy. Fire safety services mainly include maintenance, installation and inspection of equipment. With our team of experts engineers and workers who have spent most of their lives working in this field and have the accurate knowledge to carry out the process efficiently without any flaws.

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We are well versed in how important are the fire safety products at the time of fire emergency, so we provide you pre tested best quality and top brands fire safety equipment.

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Fire Protection service provided by us are executed with perfection by our talented team of fire safety specialists who has years of expertise on how to carry out such work with accuracy.

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When it comes to fire safety one shouldn't compromise with cost, Our equipments & services are comparatively more affordable than any other in market that too without compromising with quality.

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